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Sun Dec 04 @11:00AM - 01:00PM
La Tavola Italiana
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La Tavola Italiana



 The Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association: What's it all about?

International understanding: sometimes it's achieved suddenly through mass movements, mass media and the diplomacy of nation-states. On the other hand, sometimes it's achieved slowly, one person at time. The sister city program is about the slow way, the citizens of one city meeting the citizens of another. We learn about them and, by doing so, we learn about ourselves.

Read our story: Seattle and Perugia are two cities with great differences. Yes, they're both pleasantly seated on beautiful hills swathed in greenery, they both are the homes of great universities, but other than that, it's hard to see them as sisters of the same family. Perugia is so very old and Seattle is so very young. The Seattle-Perugia SCA is dedicated to the idea that Seattle and Perugia can learn from one another, their very differences serving as a rich source of new civic thinking. Then again, for all that is different between our two cites, there are nevertheless things we share; these we work to recognize so they may serve to bind our bits of Italy and the U.S. more closely. We support the pleasures of travel, the riches of culture and the opportunities presented by education, hoping to bring together the peoples of two great cities. 

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